Passion. Strength. Resilience.

This is us

Riviera Security Services was developed by two security officers (a  father and son duo) who worked on every level of the security industry, including post patrol work, staffing, supervisory, and management. After working for multiple big wig security companies for a combined twenty five plus years they realized that there was a huge gap in service, quality, and price ratio. So what did they do next? Gerald Sr. or "Mac" as all our clients like to call him took a leap of faith on his son and liquified a large amount of his investment savings while Michael put up all his savings, worked three jobs simultaneously, and eventually came up with the capital needed to finance their dream of Riviera Security Services.

"My son is a monster, when he has something in his mind to accomplish, it gets done period." - Gerald Sr./Chief Executive Officer  

Riviera Security Services opened its doors in 2014, and has since continually hit the mark in customer satisfaction.

"We find that if we are constantly communicating with our clients and getting a feel for what is really wanted from them then gathering that information and putting action behind it, that is what makes a client happy and loyal." - Michael. President/Client Services