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Areas of specialty

Guarded Post

Our Security guards are trained, licensed and meet or exceed all the requirements by the State of California for private security including age, citizenship/residency and authorization to work in the United States. So having one or multiple Riviera Security Service professionals at your gate house and or business securing that anyone allowed into your facility is actually the people that you want in your facility is key. At a residency the officer on duty will log in all vehicles (this excludes residents and service professionals like USPS) through time and date of entry, vehicle make and model and also license plate.  Next the resident will be called and if granted access the vehicle will be let right in.  Other wise the guest will be asked to wait until contact and entry by a resident is confirmed.

event detail

Need private security for a special event? Look no further. Our security officers have the experience to protect and serve at parties, charity events, and even award shows. Uniformed or in plain clothes. Clients choice.

Patrol Guard

Our patrolling guards continually walk the premises  of your establishment checking that all doors are locked after hours, also he or she is responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations set by the H.O.A.  Including securing common areas such as the recreation room, pool, gym, tennis court etc. He or she will then report back to a secure area where they can fill out a D.A.R. (Daily activity report) and report all activity observed their during shift. This will be collected and given to the H.O.A. Upon request.  

Vehicle Patrol

Don't need a around the clock guard? No problem have one of our Riviera Security Service vehicles patrol your establishment at the specific hours needed. This officer will also fill out a detailed report during each patrol to be turned in at the end of each shift.